By Dr. Peter Hercules M.D.


The essence of civilization is domination - human domination of nature in general as well as human domination of other humans. While virtually all civilized humans have existed as the domesticated animal property of the select few zookeepers of the human zoos, there can be no doubt that the sexuality of the domination agenda of civilization has been male. Civilization has been a patriarchal regime - devoted to male domination of females.

The issue at the core of the patriarchy is the sexual repression of women. If one looks at the events that trigger the most violent emotional responses of men towards women and also of men towards other men, one will note that they relate to controlling female sexuality. While this behavior has been largely attributed to the males' attempts to ensure paternity and thus not waste the investment of their resources in children not related to them, it appears that there are also other very important factors.

Central to this topic is the nature of female sexuality itself. In our closest relatives, the bonobo and common chimpanzees, females are noted to have sexual relations with many males and in the case of the bonobos with females as well. Monogamy is non-existent in these cousins of ours and it is not unusual for them to have sex with several different partners in rapid succession. The phenomenon of sperm warfare, whereby sperm placed by different males compete with each other in the vagina to attempt to achieve fertilization, is found in these chimps and also in our species.

In the common chimpanzee culture, which is patriarchal, males attempt to control females' sexuality through violence towards both the females and competing males. Despite this fact, it has been shown that the females will often choose their own partner, thus thwarting the males' control attempts.

The bonobos have a matriarchal culture, which results in a different approach to sexuality. The key characteristic of this culture is females bonding with females. Due to this bonding, males are unable to physically dominate females because any attempt to do so results in a male having to confront a collection of females that can overpower him. As a result, females have sex with the males they choose. Even the remarkable phenomenon of having sex with males from other tribes in front of males of their own tribe is documented. Clearly, such behavior indicates females being in control of their own sexuality.

As a result of this female sexual independence, bonobos are observed to be the 'sexiest' species on the planet. Females engage in sexual activity of varying types in great frequency with males, females, and even with young bonobos. Sexuality has been highly integrated into this female sex positive culture so that it is commonly used as a means for conflict resolution. In addition, of course, this culture is very pleasure oriented and, while having violence, has it to a remarkably minor degree.

For their part, bonobo males are frequently sexually active with females but also with their own sex and with young bonobos. It should be understood that this sexual activity does not necessarily involve intercourse (most notably not with juvenile bonobos). They appear to be having all of the sex that they want and, due to the tension-resolving effect of sex, do not appear to be in any way frustrated with their lack of female sexual domination. In fact, they are having much more sex than their patriarchal common chimpanzee cousins. As for the issue of paternity, one would assume that the females choose to breed with those males that they find most attractive for whatever reason and when the additional factor of sperm warfare is added, the best males (from these perspectives) go forward.

The key factor, again, in the bonobo culture to allow all of this to take place is females bonding with each other. This bonding results not only from their physical proximity (due to their foraging style) but also due to activities which enhance their sense of closeness. Central to this is the phenomenon of mentorship among the females. Typically an older female will take on a younger one in a mentoring role. They will spend a great deal of time together during which the younger female benefits not only by observing the behaviors of her mentor but also through the advantages of status that such an association brings. In addition, these two will engage in grooming behaviors and, very significantly, establish a sexual relationship as well. Thus a sense of physical and pleasure bonding is established between the two and as a result a threat to one is felt as a threat to the other resulting in appropriate supportive and protective behaviors.

Furthermore, because the females have the capacity to experience significant sexual pleasure with their own sex, they do not see themselves as being dependent on males to obtain such pleasure. Such interfemale connectedness occurs outside of the mentorship dynamic as well, leading to widespread bonding among the females of the tribe. Against such a force, the males cannot dominate and simply reap the benefits of the culture that it produces.

All of this relates to humans as well. While paternity is, no doubt, a significant factor driving males' desire to control female sexuality, another factor that is typically ignored is the very nature of human female sexuality. Males' attempts (typically not overly successful) to enforce fidelity upon females are driven by an intuitive understanding of the unnaturalness of such behavior.

To begin with, males typically have exempted themselves from the restrictions of fidelity and have excused their conduct on the grounds of biological imperative. However, they have ignored the females' biological realities and have created a mythology regarding female sexuality. Things have degenerated to such a degree in this regard that a widespread perception was created that women were incapable of experiencing significant sexual pleasure and that their only interest in having sex at all was to trap a man into commitment. If this were true then why do men go to such lengths to control women's sexual behavior?

The reality, of course, is that this concept is simply a big lie. Women actually have a greater sexual capacity than men and men are threatened by this fact. Biological reality indicates that a woman has a much greater capacity than a man for prolonged sex, multiple sexual partners, multiple orgasms, and greater intensity of sexual pleasure.

She may not only have a greater capacity for all of this but also a greater need. Women's natural tremendous sexual capacities and the reality of sperm warfare in the human vagina suggest that we are in many ways built like our chimpanzee cousins. Females have greater sexual needs to enable them to enhance their genetic options for the very significant investment they make in their offspring. More sex means more and different sperm with the best sperm winning the sperm wars. The best sperm has the best chance of enabling the egg and the resources invested in it to produce a successful offspring. A successful offspring in evolutionary terms is one that lives to produce a line of descendants.

In addition, apart from the female's greater endurance and fulfillment per sexual event, she also has the ability to engage more frequently both in the shorter and longer term - and men know this. The average male hits his sexual peak at age eighteen and then suffers a gradual slide from then on with a significant proportion becoming dysfunctional and nonfunctional in their forties and fifties. Women, on the other hand, are felt to be just hitting their sexual stride in their forties and can go on virtually indefinitely throughout their lives. Obviously, the male and female sexual patterns are not in synch - undermining the 'naturalness' of male-imposed monogamy.

Males, realizing this, have done everything in their power to dominate and repress the powerful female sexual force, thinking that they somehow would benefit by doing so. The majority of the destructive behavior displayed by our species can be traced back to this very issue of males' attempts to control female sexuality. When we compare our species' reality to that of the bonobos it would appear that we have chosen the wrong approach.

The only males that benefit from such a strategy are losers, those who have low probability of reproducing in a 'free-market' sexual system. Highly desirable males will have no trouble finding high quality sexual partners and thus ensure their genes' continuance.

Given the present reality, however, how does an individual female liberate herself from this sexually dominating system? We only need to look to the bonobos for the fundamental answer - female bonding. If human females establish connection with other females, they have the ability to liberate themselves from male domination and thus sexual repression.

Obviously this female bonding must happen at various levels to be effective. They must spend time with each other, share their experiences, and offer their moral and physical support when needed to help each others' pursuit of liberation and self-actualization.

Like the bonobos, to be effective, a very important aspect of female bonding should be physical in both a nonsexual as well as a sexual manner. Bonding cannot be complete or effective without physical contact. It is fundamental to our nature to need touch for our nurturing and development. This touch can be of many different styles, involving various kinds of play and work activities as well as grooming of many types. When this connection of touch has been established, the other person is no longer disconnected and a genuine feeling of bonding is established.

While nonsexual physical contact is very important and powerful, there can be no doubt that adding sexual physical interaction takes bonding to another level. Women have the ability to give each other sexual pleasure in a manner that they cannot experience with men.

To begin with, they have an understanding of their bodies and responses that enables them to anticipate and stimulate each other in a way that a man cannot match no matter how interested or skilled he may be. As a result, a woman may give another woman sexual pleasure of a greater duration, frequency, and intensity than she could have with a man. As one woman put it, "Sex with a man is nice but sex with a woman is incredible!" Women have the capacity for sexual play with each other that is not related to performance or ownership and not threatened by reproduction or the male post-ejaculatory state. Sex between women can be pure pleasurable fun - sex for sex's sake.(It merits stating that what is being referred to here is not a monogamous romantic lesbian sexual relationship (i.e. a same-sex version of a typical civilized male-female sexual relationship). Instead what is being presented is females simply bonding by sharing sexual pleasure.)

Experiencing this degree of sexual pleasure with another woman has many ramifications. First of all, the woman learns that her body has the ability to have this more complete pleasurable experience, giving her a knowledge of her sexual potential. Just knowing that the potential for this feeling resides within her empowers her and attracts her to a pleasure oriented agenda.

In addition, having had this degree of pleasure gives her a standard to aim towards in any sexual encounter that she may have with either sex. Knowing that this pleasure came from an interaction with a woman frees her from the concept that she must have a man to experience sexual pleasure and thus gives her sexual options when dealing with the patriarchal system.

If she chooses to relate sexually with men, she will presumably do so with those that most closely help her approximate her previously experienced state of ecstasy, thus putting pressure on males to interact with her due to their ability to provide her with pleasure rather than by dominating her.

If she chooses to seek her sexual satisfaction with women either purely for reasons of pleasure or because of male-female sexual political issues she will not be unfulfilled sexually.

If she should choose to have a child, she can decide to have sex with males who most closely meet her genetic and pleasure agendas.

Having had her most intense sexual experiences with another woman will, of course, cement the links between these women and thus fulfill the basic requirement that makes the whole system work - bonding between females. This bonding, created at such a fundamental experiential level, can then be used to develop the capacity for sharing in terms of other life responsibilities to the extent that these women would need and wish.

With this structure in place, the potential for a pleasure oriented society can begin. In this society, women would be free to develop in every sense. Their healthy tremendous positive sexual energy would be at last unleashed for them to personally enjoy and share and to enhance their state of well-being.

Once males eventually learned that their attempts at enslaving female sexual energy were doomed due to the bonding of these physically connected females, they would begin to allow themselves to enjoy the pleasure that such a different approach to life could bring. As a result, virtually every aspect of human society would change.

Liberating female sexuality is the key not only to breaking the patriarchy but also to ending the whole anti-life regime of domination and its resultant zoo of civilization.


In Part 1 of this article, I stated that the agenda of civilization - domination - is a male agenda. I suggested that for this to change, female humans should imitate their bonobo chimpanzee cousins and bond with each other in order to create a united front against patriarchal oppression. This bonding would take place at several levels - ideological, emotional, and physical in both a nonsexual and a sexual sense. As a result of this bonding, female sexuality would be liberated and society would change fundamentally. The destructive culture of the warrior human apes would end and be replaced with a pleasure-focused life-affirming agenda that would benefit both sexes. I stated that liberating female sexuality in this manner is the secret to destroying the zoo of civilization and ending patriarchal oppression, which even predates civilization.

The repression of females and female sexuality, in both civilized and precivilized societies, has been anti-life. The female is literally the matrix in and from which all humans develop. The more powerful and fulfilled this matrix is, the greater the human potential. Self-actualized mothers will create offspring with higher likelihood of being self-actualized themselves. Such a female will intuitively know what she needs to generate such offspring. She must have control of her life and particularly her sexuality, since her sexuality determines the choice of with whom, when, and how to create new life.

For too long, the female pelvis has been controlled, abused, and violated. It is the nest and source of life. Each new individual’s most profound period of development takes place there.

In a life-affirming culture, the female pelvis would be worshiped, and satisfying the needs of the female pelvis would be understood to be the highest priorities of that culture. Clearly, females would be recognized to be in the best position to make such determinations and would be encouraged to become sensitive to their pelvic needs.

Males, for their part, would be respectful of the female pelvis and would recognize the wisdom of learning to honor it and the individual in whom it resides. Those males who were most wise in this regard would have the greatest possibility of being granted access to this most special of all places.

Due to our common chimpanzee tendencies, such has never been the case. The society that I am aware of that most closely approximates this objective is the Na, found in a secluded rural area of Himalayan China (and described in the book A Society without Fathers and Husbands: The Na of China written by Cai Hua).

In the Na culture, households are comprised of the female head (the mother) and her children. In this society, males provide economic support to their mothers and sisters and sisters’ children and not to their own offspring. Individuals are able to have sexual relationships (generally furtively and only at night) with whomever they want - and they do, typically with many different partners during their lifetime. Since the males do not give economic support to their own children and often do not even know which children are theirs, the issue of paternity becomes irrelevant. Instead, males invest in children with whom they are sure they have a genetic relationship - their sisters’.

While still problematic in a number of respects, Na culture (which has been undermined significantly in recent years by the national Chinese government) presents a real human model of a society that facilitates fulfillment of female needs.

When I lived in Canada and practiced behavioral medicine on a full time basis, I observed that the vast majority of patients who were interested in addressing their problems were female. I also noted that generally the self-actualization of these women was in part obstructed by the relationships that they had with their male partners. A very significant number of them ended up terminating these relationships as they pursued their personal development. In many cases, as they strove to become closer approximations of their True Positive Selves, they found that a consequence of this decision was their inability to find partners that were committed to a similar agenda. Thus, while they were consistently content with their decisions to end their previous relationships, they were almost as consistently frustrated with their inability to find males sharing similar objectives in life and encouraging them to self-actualize.

In part as a consequence of this reality, I eventually decided to have group discussion sessions for interested clients in order to allow some additional support and opportunity for discussion of issues relevant to the challenging process of self-liberation. Almost everyone attending these sessions was female. Many of these women were getting little other support for the process of self-transformation that they were experiencing. Typically they were being discouraged by their families and friends who were not interested in their own growth and were threatened and challenged by the more confident individuals that my clients were becoming.

While it was stated and understood that each person is ultimately responsible for its own life and self-actualization, it was also understood that the process of change could and would be more enjoyable and easier if shared with someone else on the same path. However, it appeared that deciding to become one’s True Positive Self also meant being increasingly alone. Some of the women who met through these sessions became friends but, due to the artificial nature of these sessions, I held them only for a relatively brief period of time.

At that time, I was not significantly aware of the reality of the patriarchy nor was I familiar with the importance of female sexual repression, the unnaturalness of monogamy or the culture of the bonobos. As a result, my best encouragement at the time for the women that I was treating was to tell them that there were some men out there who shared their visions. I told them to stay true to their personal objectives no matter what and eventually they would encounter such men and have the opportunity to relate to them.

Retrospectively, I now understand that I missed the opportunity that was staring me in the face. I was in a room of women that could have, and in fact needed to bond with other women committed to self-liberation and I did not state the obvious. Instead of seeking out hypothetical self-actualizing males, they should have been encouraged to form alliances with other females on the same path.

The rich whites in slave states used a divide and conquer approach of pitting the lower status whites against the blacks to prevent the two groups from uniting to rebel against the oppression that they each experienced. The male keepers of civilization have done the same with their male and female underlings, with the females finding themselves on the bottom of the pile. As John Lennon stated - "women are the niggers of the world."

The average male may feel powerless within the zoo, but at least he has the opportunity to own a woman. The zoo keepers have encouraged and institutionalized the common chimpanzee patriarchal tendencies of our species in order to further disempower females and to win support from their male underlings. Generally, the most repressed, ignorant, religious, and militaristic males are the ones who most staunchly fight any attempt by females to gain control of their sexuality and their lives in general.

In doing so, they typically seek religious and legal means (besides personal violence) to impose their wills, thus appealing to the very institutions that are used to enslave them as well.

The wars fought between the sexes, at both individual and societal levels, redirect the legitimate frustrations of both groups of slaves regarding their masters towards each other. While it is understood that not all men are defenders of the status quo either overall or with respect to the power struggle between the sexes, it is clear that women should be the most motivated of all for the zoo to collapse - they have the most to gain.

Instead of surrendering to the system and competing with each other for the best personal male ‘masters’ to have in their lives and then seeking devious ways to disempower their male partners, women can refuse to play the game. To do so effectively and end the patriarchal patterns that appear to have originated from the earliest days of our species, they must learn from the bonobos and bond with each other. As the bonobos prove, unified females can get results.

Women committed to self-actualization can join to form largely self-sufficient communities in which the only males (if any) allowed to belong or enter would be those committed to their own self-actualization and to a bonobo morality. In such a community, each person’s first allegiance would be to fulfilling its own genetic program. Because of the bonobo morality, women would be mutually supportive for their own best interests and thus would have control over all aspects of their lives (including and especially issues to do with sexuality and reproduction).

Paternity would become a non-issue because the advantages of the freedom that this community would offer as well as the resources available due to female bonding (as well as the contributions available from whatever males would be in the community) would be much greater than those of the restrictive patriarchal alternative. Men would not be allowed to attempt to ensure paternity with any given female because women would recognize this preoccupation to be counterproductive to their individual well-being and to that of the group giving them this well-being, and thus they would not permit it.

Each child would have its natural mother and many surrogate mothers. It would also interact and connect significantly with the children of its own mother but also with the other children of the community with whom it might also have a genetic link in addition to the bonds created through sharing common experiences.

Each child would also potentially have many fathers. In some cases it may be impossible without genetic testing to discern who the father was and, even if it were obvious, because of the group dynamic it would become less relevant. Those men that refused to participate in this system would ideally never be allowed into the group or, if discovered, would be banished.

While closer relationships would inevitably develop between particular individuals of either sex, all of the women and even all of the men would recognize the benefits of this social approach based on female bonding. People who have all that they need to eat tend not to fight over who gets what piece of food on the table.

This is the critical point. This community would be one based on an ecology of wealth. Just like the bonobos who developed their patterns of conduct in a resource rich environment, for this system to work effectively it also must have plentiful resources. While this may seem to present a problem or mean that such a lifestyle would only be accessible to the rich, such is not the case.

These individuals committed to becoming their wild True Positive Selves would be focused on acquiring what they would really need to be healthy and happy and not on acquiring what is unnecessary, and certainly not on the relentless pursuit of civilized human animals for power and gold.

Healthy food, simple comfortable shelter, a natural environment with clean air, water, and soil, freedom to self-actualize, ample time for rest and pleasure, a satisfying sexual life, and healthy relationships are the true needs of a wild human animal. Everything else is unnecessary.

The creation of small sustainable communities of thirty people or so whose objective would be to satisfy essential human needs while operating within a bonobo type of social structure is a genuine possibility today in many parts of the world.

Turning this potentiality into reality simply requires individuals (particularly women) to stop playing by the rules of the patriarchal zoo and to redefine their priorities. They must understand that even a leash made of diamonds is still a leash. Freedom and self-actualization must be recognized and chosen as being the highest values of all. There are no real winners in patriarchal civilization, there are only degrees of losers.

If enough women choose to untame themselves, bond with other women, take control of their sexuality and thus their lives, and focus on the pursuit of essential human needs, the nightmare of patriarchy and civilization will end and our species can awaken to experience the wonderful pleasure of what life can be.

The creation of cultures dedicated to liberating and worshiping the female pelvis and unlocking the much too long repressed life-affirming energy of the female human animal is the key to what could be paradise on earth.

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