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1st orgasm, intensity 4/10
"She resumed her place behind me, and then palmed my breasts. She unhooked the front clasp of my bra, and slipped my breasts free of the cups. Despite my panic, I was quite aroused, and my nipples were fully erect. She took each nipple between her fingers and thumbs and pinched them, delicately at first, and then more firmly. I could feel her nails digging in, but it was not painful. Far from it! I felt an orgasm build, and then wash through me. She took first one breast, then the other, and held them between her palms, and then pressed her palms together, my breast trapped between. It was an amazing sensation. "

2nd orgasm, intensity 5/10
"She continued to fondle my breasts as I was contemplating this, and I came again, almost by surprise.

3rd orgasm, intensity 7/10
" She began to chew my breast. I could feel her teeth sliding along it. I wanted to grab her head
and pull it even harder against my breast, but I could not move my hands. She bit down on my nipple
gently, and stretched it and my breast away from my chest. Just when it started to hurt, she let the
nipple slip between her teeth, and my breast fell back. She did this several times. As she used her
mouth on that breast, she slipped a hand to my other breast and began to squeeze it rhythmically,
synchronizing her caresses with what she was doing to my other breast with her mouth. I was shaking
my head from side to side, and groaning with the sensation. She switched sides, and I came very
quickly. She stopped, and I sat there, panting a little..."

4th orgasm, intensity 5/10
"At last, I felt her hands slide from my breasts down to my stomach. She rubbed my tummy, and I
felt her hand slip down to my exposed panties. She stroked my mons through the cotton with her finger tips. I was more than ready, and I came after only a few light touches."

5th orgasm, intensity 9/10
"I was helpless, and exposed, and so aroused that I was actually panting. I began to squirm on the
chair, but she just contemplated me from her wing back chair. At last she leaned forward, and ran
two of her fingers along my vaginal cleft. I must have been wet, because she brought her fingers to
her lips, and licked them. She reached down again, and this time I felt her part my labia. I felt a
cool rush of air on my vagina, and then she plunged a finger deep inside of me. I felt her move it
around inside me, and I lifted my pelvis upwards, trying to bring my clitoris against her knuckle. She
let me succeed. She held her wrist perfectly steady, and I thrust repeatedly against her hand.
I felt each contact of my clitoris against her knuckle like a small electrical shock. The
sensation rapidly overwhelmed me, and I came violently, and I did scream as I peaked.

I opened my eyes, and she was smiling at me again, and nodding her head. She reached down and
pulled my panties back up, and I almost shouted "No!" Instead I just bit my tongue, and waited to
see what she was going to do. "

6th orgasm, intensity 7/10
She put her hand behind my neck and pulled my head towards her bared breast. I leaned forward eagerly, and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Even her breasts tasted good. I suckled for I don't know how long, and only dimly became aware that she had slipped her hand back into my panties and was probing into me with her fingertips. I climaxed again, and felt drained.

She disengaged my mouth from her breast, and slipped her hand from my vagina, bringing it to her
lips again to taste me.

7th-6, 8th-7, 9th-9 intensity
"De nada, chica. Y no estamos terminando.... Venga me, mariposa...venga me." It is nothing,
little one. And we are not finished...come to me, butterfly, come to me.

I crawled into her lap, and laid my head against her breasts. Her hands glided down my
body, and I felt her ease my thighs apart. She caressed my labia, stroking them and pinching them
between her fingers and thumbs. I was rapidly approaching an orgasm. When she penetrated me with
first one, and then two, then three fingers, I came each time, one orgasm on top of another.

She waited until my orgasms finished with me, and then said softly, "Ahora, mariposa, almuerzo."
Now, butterfly, dessert.

10th-9 intensity
She took the glass of wine, and toasted me with it, and then poured a small amount on my pubis. It
was cool, and I could feel it running down my mons, through my pubic hair, and into the cleft between
my labia. She put the glass back on the table. With her tongue, she followed the rivulet of wine.
She licked and sucked at my pubic hair, and then I felt her tongue on my labia. The wine was cool,
but her tongue was warm. I squirmed in pleasure at the sensation. She licked me continuously, and I
felt an orgasm build. I came, thrashing my hips.

11th-11/10 intensity (overloaded)
She picked the glass up again, and poured more wine on to me. This time, she used her fingers to
rub it in, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying aloud as another climax engulfed me. By the
time she had drained the glass, I was exhausted. But she did not let me rest.

I felt her spread my labia with her fingers, and then I felt her tongue plunge into me. The
sensation was exquisite. She immediately found my clitoris, and wrapped her lips around it. I felt
her suck on it, and I exploded. I came so hard I saw stars.

12th-10, 13th-10, 14th-10, 15th-10, 16th-10, 17th-10, 18th-10, 19th-10, 20th-10
She worked on my clitoris, and I came every few seconds, waves of pleasure punctuated by
immediate, instant peaks of ecstasy. When she finally released me, I was gasping for breath.

I lay there for a long time. When I had recovered enough to sit up, she was sitting in the
wingback chair, legs crossed, watching me. I smiled at her, and she returned it.

21st-6 intensity
She picked up one of the smaller vibrators, and held it to my mouth. I opened my mouth, and she
pushed it in. I tongued it until I had no more saliva. She withdrew it, and then twisted the
base. It began to hum, and she trailed it across my nipples, which seemed to have swelled to twice
their normal size. They were throbbing dully, and I wanted to ask her to remove the clamps, but I did
not. When the vibrator hit them, I forgot all about the discomfort. It was almost electric, and
it sent tingles all the way to my vagina. I felt an orgasm begin to rise, and then take me. I
gasped and moaned, and then almost screamed when I felt her plunge the humming vibrator into my

22nd-5 intensity
I opened my mouth, and she put the ball in it, and then I felt her tighten the band around
my head. I could breathe, and it was not making me gag, but I could not speak anymore.

I felt a climax through my discomfort, and had to just moan against the ball in my mouth. As I
was coming, I felt her slip the nylon cuffs over my wrists. She stretched first one and then the other
of my arms out to my side and brought them firmly against the headboard.

23rd-4, 24th-5 intensity
I sat there in pain, relieved only momentarily as the vibrator humming in my vagina made me come. Magda took one of the large vibrators from the table, and disappeared out of my sight for a moment, kneeling down by the edge of the bed. She surfaced, climbing up onto the bed next to me, the vibrator in her hand, and the power cord trailing off the edge of the bed.

25th-10/10, 26th-10/10 intensity
Magda took a kneeling position between my legs, and lifted my knees and draped them across her
thighs. She grasped the based of the vibrator in my vagina, and began to pump it in and out of me.
My nipples were on fire, but the sensation between my legs, as Magda fucked me with the vibrator, took precedence. I came in a long, spastic swoop, the pain in my breasts merging with the pleasure in my vagina. She brought me to a climate twice like this.

Finally, Magda took pity on me, and released the clamps on my nipples. The blood rushed back
in, and the pain was intense. I gasped around the gag in mouth, and tears came to my eyes. Magda saw them, and kissed them away. She said, "Lo siento, mariposa, pero el dolor es importante."

She leaned down, and began to lick my nipples. She flicked them with her tongue, and the cramping
and burning was replaced by the most delightful coolness I've ever felt.

27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th - 8-10 intensity
I was floating on a cloud. My breasts felt wonderful, and the pleasure I felt flowing from her licks seemed to eclipse even the steady thrumming sensation between my legs. I came in multiple waves, head thrashing and hips jumping.

She let me come, and then reached down and extracted the vibrator from my vagina.

... many more non-stop orgasms in this one afternoon...

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